Coombe Farm 

Project Duration: 40 Weeks 
Brief Description: We were appointed to provide the mechanical design development and installation for the Leisure Block at Coombe Farm. 
The mechanical services Provided were as follows:- 
Air Conditioning 
Hot & Cold Water Services 
Above Ground Drainage 
Contract Value: £80K 
Coombe Farm is an existing dwelling within Malvern. The works consist of a new building providing general leisure facilities. Dedicated plant is providing to the new building ensuring it is stand alone. 
Air Conditioning 
A heat pump air conditioning system is provided serving the Lounge Area and Gym with heating & cooling. 
The Lounge Area is served via a concealed vertical fan coil unit mounted adjacent to the room. Giberts GSL Linear bar supply & return grilles are mounted at high & low level respectively. The grilles are connected to the fan coil unit via ductwork. The ductwork is to be foamed lined to provide thermal & acoustic insulation. 
The Gym is served via wall mounted ducted fan coil unit 
A wall mounted controller is mounted in each room, allowing individual control of each fan coil unit. 
Each fan coil unit is connected to common externally located condensing unit. 
A separate condensing unit is installed serving a proprietary pre-plumbed cylinder located in the plantroom. Refrigerant pipework is installed between the external condensing unit and the pre-plumbed cylinder. 
Hot & Cold Water Services 
Hot & cold water services are to be provided to outlets as required throughout the building. 
Cold water is provided via a new incoming cold water main entering into the plantroom. The incoming cold water main connects to a combined cold water booster set/cold water storage tank. The cold water booster set will provide water to all outlets at a consistent pressure. From here cold water is routed around the building. 
Hot water is provided via a pre-plumbed cylinder connected to an external condensing unit. The pre-plumbed cylinder is complete with a hot water return pump allowing a circulation system to be installed ensuring all outlets reach temperature in a reasonable time. 
The hot & cold water have been sized according to the outlet type, it is understood that a number of the outlets require a high flow rate, as such this has been taken into consideration during sizing. 
All hot & cold water pipework is to be installed in copper pipework, complete with suitable insulation. 
Above Ground Drainage 
To ensure waste water/material is conveyed away from occupied areas a comprehensive system of drainage pipes were installed. Above ground all drainage is to be installed in U-PVC. 
The drainage is a mixture of soil vent pipes and stub stacks (utilising automatic air vents). Where possible the preference has been to vent the drainage direct to atmosphere to avoid the over usage of automatic air valves. 
Each fan coil unit is to be provided with a condensate pump, with braided hose running to the nearest drain point. Connection into the drain point is to be made via a HepVO self sealing waste trap. 
Extract ventilation is provided to the required areas throughout the building via 2 no. extract systems. 1 no. Vent Axia ACM125 & 1 no. Vent Axia ACM150 fans are mounted at high level within the plantroom with ductwork routed within the ceiling void to the required areas. 
Extract ductwork from the areas is to be installed in 204x60 flat plastic ductwork to ensure services fit within the ceiling void. Gilbert GX air valves are located within the ceiling of the areas. 
The fan exhaust terminates to external via the a roof mounted terminal. 
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