Slade School Of Arts 

Brief: ADL Mechanical & Electrical Contractors Ltd have been contracted to provide the Design Development; Supply; Installation & Commissioning of the mechanical & plumbing installations of the refurbished art teaching facilities at the Slade School Of Fine Art, UCL 
The Slade School Of Fine Art is located on the 5th floor within The Warburg Institute on the UCL campus, London. The existing studios were completely stripped out to allow a full refurbishment. 
The scope of the mechanical works consists of:- 
o Heating 
o Hot & Cold Water Services 
o Above Ground Drainage 
o Ventilation 
o BMS Automatic Controls 
Programme: 24 weeks total 
Project Value: £460K 
Full Project Narrative 
Heating System 
The provision of new heating can be split into two main forms. The newly formed studios are provided with wall mounted LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water) FCU (Fan Coil Unit) 1 no. per studio. The existing stair core; limited ground floor areas (Reception & Toilets) and the basement workshop are provided with wall mounted radiators. 
The LTHW is derived from the existing district heating infrastructure. The existing district heating riser located within S511 has been extended to connect to a new plate heat exchanger located within the existing plantroom. The plate heat exchanger has been installed to transfer heat from the district heating system to the new LTHW system whilst providing hydraulic separation between the systems. 
Within each studio a ceiling mounted destratification fan has been installed to aid in the circulation of the warm air generated by the wall mounted FCU. 
Within the plantroom along with the new plate heat exchanger the LTHW system incorporates a pressurisation unit/expansion vessel and a circulation pump. 
LTHW pipework exits the plantroom at roof level to serve the spaces. The LTHW pipework serving the FCU installed within Studio 09 runs within the plantroom and drops through the slab. Within the roof space the LTHW pipework runs with a flow & return with an additional return dedicated to the FCU circuits. Flow & return LTHW pipework runs past the final studio and drops to run at high level within the stair core area to serve the new radiators. 
Throughout the areas served via radiators a mixture of horizontal and vertical radiators have been used. All radiators are installed complete with pre-settable Oventrop radiator valves. 
LTHW pipework is generally installed throughout the building using steel pipework complete with screwed fittings. The pipework is insulated using foil faced phenolic insulation. 
Isolation valves and commissioning sets are installed throughout as detailed on the layout drawings. Balancing of the system will be via the commissioning sets at determined flow rates. Automatic air vents and drain off cocks are installed at high and low points on the system respectively. 
Cold Water Service 
Cold water is provided to a number of locations throughout the building utilising and extending from the existing infrastructure. 
Localised cold water pipework modifications have been completed within the lower ground floor level toilets to allow the installation of a new electric water heater. 
At level 05 cold water pipework extends from a new supply installed by others within the store S512. From here the cold water pipework runs to serve the new pressurisation unit located within S512. The cold water pipework also rises to run within the roof space to serve the two replaced sinks located within studio 4 S504. 
Cold water pipework is installed using copper pipe complete with brazed fittings. Where exposed pipework is installed with a chrome finish. The pipework is insulated using foil faced phenolic insulation. 
Hot Water Installation 
A new 15L electric water heater has been installed within the lower ground floor level toilets as a replacement to the previously installed point of use electric water heaters. Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) have been installed prior to the basin outlets to allow control of the hot water and prevent scalding. 
A new 80L electric water heater has been installed on level 05 within studio 04 S504 to provide hot water to the two replaced sinks. The electric water heater is installed complete with the manufacturer’s proprietary expansion vessel and safety relief equipment. 
Hot water pipework is installed using copper pipe complete with brazed fittings. Where exposed pipework is installed with a chrome finish. The pipework is insulated using foil faced phenolic insulation. 
Above Ground Drainage 
Above ground drainage has been installed to remove waste away from the water points as required and connects into the existing infrastructure. 
Traps are installed to all points to prevent odours spilling out from the wastes. 
The drainage pipework is installed in U-PVC. 
Level 05 is provided with a single large ventilation system. The ventilation system is served via an AHU (Air Handling Unit) [Supplied By Others] located in S510, Fresh air onto the AHU is via ducting connected to a louvre within the plantroom above. Exhaust air from the AHU expels air to atmosphere via the existing vertical builders duct adjacent S510. Supply & Return air rise to high level and through to the adjacent store complete with motorised smoke fire dampers. Within the store the supply & return ductwork rise to the roof space and distribute through the roof space 
The AHU [Supplied By Others], has an in-built DX refrigerant heat pump, which allows the AHU to provide both heated and cooled air. 
Attenuators are installed on the four connections from the AHU. 
Air is distributed into the space via ceiling mounted supply & return linear grilles. The linear grilles include both active and non-active sections. The active sections are connected to the sub-main duct runs with flexible attenuators. Each studio has a supply & return sub-main duct which is connected to the main supply & return ducts complete with a motorised volume control damper. 
Ductwork is installed in galvanised steel either spirally wound or rectangular. Insulation is provided where applicable using foil faced duct wrap. 
BMS Automatic Controls 
To ensure all systems installed are operational and work as economically as possible a BMS Automatic Controls systems has been provided. 
The HVAC system within the building will be controlled by a Trend digital control system, utilising 
a panel mounted controller, and accessed through the operator’s touch screen interface (IQView- 
SC-B-IQ4) located on the front of the control panel. The system will be engineered to provide the 
Occupier(s) of the building with: 
1. Automatic control of the plant and equipment to control the environmental conditions inside the building. 
2. The ability to vary the environmental conditions within limits. 
3. The means of monitoring the status of the environmental control systems, with a visual alarm in the event of a fault being present elsewhere in the building. 
Control Panel 
There will be a single section Form 1 Mechanical Control Centre (MCC) within the plant room 
which will contain all the necessary operating switches, operation / warning lamps, and controllers 
as required, to provide full control of the HVAC system. 
The MCC will be provided with a fascia mounted touch screen which will allow the interrogation, 
set up, adjustment and control of all systems. 
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